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Tier II Reporting


Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting - Basics

Facilities covered by The Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) must submit an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form to the LEPC, the SERC and the local fire department annually. Facilities provide either a Tier I or Tier II form. Most States require the Tier II form. Tier II forms require basic facility identification information, employee contact information for both emergencies and non-emergencies, and information about chemicals stored or used at the facility:

  • The chemical name or the common name as indicated on the MSDS;
  • An estimate of the maximum amount of the chemical present at any time during the preceding calendar year and the average daily amount;
  • A brief description of the manner of storage of the chemical;
  • The location of the chemical at the facility; and
  • An indication of whether the owner of the facility elects to withhold location information from disclosure to the public.

Oklahoma Tier II reporting procedures and requirements

Oklahoma now requires all facilities to file on-line. Paper and diskette submissions are no longer being accepted. Go to the website link listed below for detailed instructions.

Tier II Administration: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
DEQ Customer Service
P.O. 1677
Oklahoma City, OK 73101
or FedEx to:
707 N. Robinson
Oklahoma City, OK 73101
Phone: 405-702-1013
E-Mail: tom.bergman@deq.state.ok.us
Website: http://www.deq.state.ok.us/CSDnew/saratitleiii/tierii.htm 


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