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Kay County, Oklahoma

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The Members Of The Kay County-LEPC

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The Kay County-LEPC By-Laws





Kathy Hawkins American Red Cross/Blackwell 580-363-2446
Terry Bonewell Blackwell Emergency Management 580-363-7250
Tom Beliel Blackwell Fire Department 580-363-5490
Pam Lewellen Blackwell Integris Hospital 580-363-2311
Fred LaValley Blackwell Police Department 580-363-5490
Marilyn Harmon Kay Electric 580-363-1260
Cary Meister Oklahoma Investment Casting 580-363-1412
Jim McCormick Southwest Cupid 580-363-1935
David Chandler Blackwell Co-Op Association 580-363-1461
Mark Girardi SouthernStar Central Gas Pipeline 580-363-7301
Shawn Shirley Braman Civil Defense 580-385-2169
Don Kirkpatrick Braman Civil Defense 580-385-2238
Dale Dewitt State Representative 405-557-7332
David Palmer Kaw City Police Department 580-269-2525
Timothy Kennedy Kaw Nation Environmental  
Harold Harris City of Newkirk 580-362-2117
Derryl Reed Department of Human Services 580-765-2656
Dennis Bonewell Kay County Emergency Management 580-362-3825
Jerry Evans Newkirk Fire Department 580-362-2109
Wayne White Newkirk Herald Journal 580-362-2140
Darrin Webb Air System Components 580-763-8646
Billy Haines Albertsonís 580-718-7700
Brenda Chergo American Red Cross/Ponca City 580-765-6605
Gary Martin City of Ponca City 580-767-0339
Jerry Hilbert ConocoPhillips 580-767-4820
Bryce Parker Continental Carbon 580-763-8100
John Cullen Dept. of Environmental Quality 580-762-1907
Bruce Evans Evans & Associates 580-765-6593
John Doeden Jupiter Chemicals 580-762-1130
Alan Loch Kay County Health Dept. 580-762-1641
Steve Owens Mertz 580-762-5646
Phillip Randol Mid-America Door Co. 580-765-9994
David Shepard Nickles Industrial Man. Corp. 580-765-5557
Jim Newport Oklahoma House of Representatives 580-765-3939
Cecil Koehn Oklahoma Natural Gas 580-762-7934
Dave Decker Pelton Company, Inc. 580-762-6341
Vance Johnson Pioneer Technology 580-762-8336
Rich Cantillon Ponca City Chamber of Commerce 580-765-4400
Skip Jump Ponca City Fire Department 580-767-0360
Bill Bridges Ponca City Fire Department 580-767-0360
Burl Herring Ponca City Fire Department 580-767-0360
Tom Muchmore Ponca City News 580-765-3311
Dale Henshaw Ponca City Police Dept. 580-767-0370
Clayton Johnson Ponca City Police Dept. 580-767-0370
Brett Smith Ponca City Schools 580-767-8000
Ronald Sherron Ponca Tribe 580-765-2218
John Lanham Smith International 580-762-2481
Cheryl Hiebert Via Christie Ponca City 580-765-0200
Paula Cain Ponca City Emergency Management 580-767-0380
Frank Little Williams Pipeline 580-765-7210
Harold Krout Technical Propellants 580-765-5500
Daniel Cole Tyson Foods 580-762-6400
Karen Keeling Throop Construction 580-762-3766
Tom Throop Throop Propane 580-765-3645
Linda Blackstar Otoe Missouri Tribe 580-723-4540
Angela Heim Otoe Missouri Tribe 580-723-4466
Bill Stowers B & L Foundry 580-628-2665
John Ramey City of Tonkawa 580-628-2508
Charles Conaghan Tonkawa Emergency Management 580-485-1599
Kirk Henderson Tonkawa Fire Department 580-628-3251
Lyle Becker Tonkawa News 580-628-2532
Sandy Linton Tonkawa Foundry 580-628-2575
Sue Lunsford Kay County Crisis Response Team 580-762-5294
David Myers State Congress 405-521-5580
David Palmer City of Kaw City  
Bart Snyder ConocoPhillips  
Gary Robison Kaw Tribe 580-269-2552
Wayne Mitchell Kaw Tribe 580-269-2552

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