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Kay County, Oklahoma

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About The Kay County-LEPC

What is a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)?

LEPC organizations were created in 1986 as part of the Federal Emergency Planning and
Community Right to Know Act. With this ACT, Congress required each state to appoint a State Emergency Response commission (SERC). The SERC's then were required to divide their states into Emergency Planning Districts and to create a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for each district. Our LEPC is a volunteer organization comprised of a broad based community membership.

What is the purpose of an LEPC?

An LEPC's primary responsibility is to develop and maintain a district specific emergency plan that will insure quick and effective responses to chemical emergencies.

The emergency plan must include the identity and location of hazardous material, procedures for immediate response to a chemical accident, ways to notify the public about actions they must take, names for coordinators at plants, and schedules and plans for testing the plan. The LEPC must publicize the plan through public meetings or newspaper announcements, and both welcome and collect public comments.

An LEPC should also receive any information concerning reportable emergency releases, as well as the Hazardous chemical inventory information submitted by local facilities. This information is to be made available to the public upon request. Although represented by organizations that would physically respond to an emergency.

It is important to understand that the LEPC does not function as an emergency response unit. The LEPC focuses on emergency response planning, community awareness and education, and serves as an educational aid to local industry to safely manage the risks associated with chemical releases.

Our LEPC Mission:

  • To develop a comprehensive emergency plan and continually maintain it though community involvement.
  • To maintain an all hazards plan through ongoing effective community involvement.
  • To receive and disseminate information concerning accidental chemical releases
  • To collect, manage and provide public access to information on hazardous chemicals.
  • To educate the public about the risk from accidental and routine releases of chemicals.
  • To work with facilities to minimize the risks of any chemical releases.

Who participates in a LEPC?

The LEPC membership represents all elements of the planning process.
These members include:

  • Elected state and local officials
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Fighting Personnel
  • Local Environmental Group
  • Hospital Representative
  • Broadcast and Print media
  • Community groups
  • Owners/Operators of facilities
  • Transportation Representative
  • Mental Health Personnel

How Can I Help My LEPC?

Remember LEPC's are volunteer organizations. We depend upon community support.
The first step you can take to help is to become an LEPC member. As an active member, you can attend meetings, provide industry and hazardous materials expertise, and participate on LEPC subcommittees.



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